Zoning Reform

Climate Solution #8

Pass anti-racist zoning reforms through Forward Dallas plan

1. Support the Demands of the Southern Dallas Neighborhood Self-Defense Project

  • Implement an equitable process for the rapid approval of neighborhood plans by the City of Dallas.
  • Establishing a citywide residential right-to-know that can warn neighborhoods of new pollution threats.
  • Southern Dallas land currently zoned for industry but not used for industry will be rezoned for non-industrial uses.
  • Prohibit new polluters from locating in the Trinity River floodplain and provide a timetable for removal of polluters still doing business there.
  • Create a checklist for permit and zoning regulation compliance as part of every code compliance visit to a property to aid enforcement.

Southern Dallas Neighborhood Defense Project

2. Reduce urban sprawl and increase non-automobile travel (walk, bike, scooter, etc.) through zoning reforms

  • Increase mixed-use zoning to promote non-automobile travel (walk, bike, scooter, etc.)
  • Pass fair housing and anti-gentrification policies to keep housing affordable for low-income workers, especially near public transit.
  • In areas with increased density, whenever possible keep already-existing affordable housing, and ensure enough additional affordable units are built or freeze property taxes for existing residents so they are not displaced
  • After one year of being unused/vacant, allow office/commercial buildings to be re-zoned for residential uses, and prioritize affordable housing units for these units.
  • Reduce urban sprawl by up-zoning single family to multi-family, eliminate new single family zoning, and allowing accessory dwelling units while promoting compatibility with adjacent and nearby uses.