Take Action

On May 27, Dallas City Council will vote on its Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP). We need to tell Councilmembers that this plan is not enough to protect people and our climate.

We’ve organized several ways you get the attention of Dallas City Hall before the vote on May 27.

1. Sign the Petition

Send a quick and simple message to the Mayor and your Councilmember by signing our petition. Feel free to write your own message or use ours.

2. Tag City Officials Online

Create a social media post that tags the Mayor and your Councilmember. Tell them we need them to commit to stronger climate action. Here’s a creative social media guide we made to help you.

3. Testify online at Dallas City Council meeting (May 27)

Sign up to testify at the online Dallas City Council meeting on Wed. May 27. You can call-in live to tell council members why stronger climate action is important to you.

You will need to pre-register by Tuesday, May 26 at 5PM on the city’s website or call the City Secretary’s office at (214)-670-3738.

You can also review our talking points and speaker tips here!

4. Write a Letter to the Editor to the Local Paper

Break out your writing skills and submit a 200 word opinion to the local paper. Here’s how you can submit your LTE to the Dallas Morning News.