Public Power and Municipalization

Establish the Community Ownership of Power Administration (2020, The Next System Project)

The Green New Deal Must Put Utilities Under Public Control (2020, In These Times/Next System)

American Public Power Association: Stats and Facts (2020, American Public Power Association)

Community Choice Aggregation: A Local, Viable Option for Renewable Energy (2020, Climate Reality)

Cities Weigh Taking Over From Private Utilities (2013, NY Times)

Survey of State Municipalization Laws – Texas is on pg 24

Green and Free Public Transportation

Is Free Transit the Equity Fix Kansas City Needs? (2019, City Lab)

Transitioning from Dangerous Gas Infrastructure

The Economics of Electrifying Buildings (Rocky Mountain Institute)

A New Approach to America’s Rapidly Aging Gas Infrastructure  (Rocky Mountain Institute)

A Bridge Backward? The Risky Economics of New Natural Gas Infrastructure in the US (Rocky Mountain Institute)

New Permian Methane Leakage Study Confirms What We Already Knew (2020, Oil Change International)

Why States Need to Ban New Gas Hookups in Buildings (in 5 Charts) (2020, Green Tech Media)

Climate and Coronavirus Crises

How Coronavirus Could Help Us Fight Climate Change: Lessons From The Pandemic (Forbes)

What climate change can teach us about fighting the coronavirus (Chicago Tribune)

Climate Change 6 lessons coronavirus can teach us about climate change (Earth Day Org)

What Can the Coronavirus Teach Us About Climate Change? (ElleDecor)

Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting (Medium Article)

The Lockdown Is an Opportunity to Redefine What Our Economy Is For (Jacobin)

This Pandemic Won’t Save the Climate From Big Oil (Jacobin)

What the Coronavirus Pandemic Can Teach Us About the Climate Emergency (The Intercept)

Coronavirus Holds Key Lessons on How to Fight Climate Change (Yale)

An Open Letter to Congress: A Green Stimulus to Rebuild Our Economy (Medium) 

Roadmap to a Low-Carbon Future: Four Pillars for a Just Transition (The Climate Equity Network)

Labor and Politics of Working People

FOUR PILLARS FOR A JUST TRANSITION (2019, J Mijin Cha/The Climate Equity Network)

Ecological Politics for the Working Class (Jacobin)

“It’s Time to Engage in as Much Class Struggle as We Can” (Jacobin)

A Brief History of Worker Displacement (2019, Data for Progress)

City of Dallas Documents

Dallas Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP) (April 2020 Draft)