Building Code

Climate Solution #3

Update building code to require new buildings use low-carbon materials and be solar and EV-ready. Work to ensure new buildings are all-electric by implementing rebate programs, incentives, and low-cost financing for all-electric construction. Make all new commercial buildings pollution free and zero emissions as soon as possible with financial support to ensure equity.

How it works

Dallas’s building code is a powerful tool. It has a significant impact on pollution, climate change, and equity—and it needs to change in order to make Dallas more resilient against climate change.

Within the City’s comprehensive development code update, we need to require air and water heat pumps in new constructions to make our homes and workplaces more suitable to hot and cold weather. These units can significantly reduce energy consumption, which will help prevent future blackouts during extreme temperatures in the summer and winter.

We’ll also want to encourage shifting away from gas infrastructure to all-electric construction. To support that, we advocate that the city implements rebate programs, incentives, and low-cost financing for all electric construction. Going all-electric in new buildings is also cost effective. It saves owners more money in the long run over using natural gas. Natural gas appliances in homes also create dangerous air quality conditions indoors that threaten the health of our family members.

Finally, as more and more homes and businesses make the switch to solar and electric vehicles to reduce climate emissions and improve air quality, we’ll need to make sure our buildings are ready for it. Electric is the future, and preparing for it now can help us avoid costly upgrades down the road.

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