Dallas passed a weak climate plan, we want more

May 27, 2020 Dallas People’s Climate Coalition

Dallas City Council unanimously passed the Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP), despite a diverse coalition and many speakers who raised concerns about it. 

Mayor Johnson and Dallas Council Members agreed that the climate plan falls short of the original goals set out by the City Council in 2019. However, they decided passing the plan would be better than addressing its shortcomings.

Coalition members of the Dallas People’s Climate Coalition raised concerns that the plan might actually do more harm than good, and that much work would need to be done to establish bolder actions and timelines. For example, coalition members pointed out that the plan rolls back prior commitments on waste reduction targets, and deputy director Susan Alvarez even said that enforcement “is not planned until 2030.”

Participants and organizations from the Dallas People’s Climate Coalition include Texas Campaign for the Environment, Democratic Socialists of America North Texas, Sunrise Movement Dallas, Grow North Texas, Veterans for Peace, Texas New Era/Jobs With Justice, North Texas Transit Riders, Dallas Green Alliance, Poor People’s Campaign, Young Active Labor Leaders, Texas Drought Project, and Our Revolution Dallas.

The coalition says city officials need to commit to stronger actions like phasing out the use of gas in buildings, investing in renewable energy, and removing barriers to public transportation. Advocates are calling on city officials to support actions they have offered in an alternative plan that they say will eliminate carbon emissions with a greater focus on equity and a just transition to a green future.

Coalition advocates say that virtually everyone familiar with the city’s climate plan agrees that it doesn’t do enough to address carbon emissions, but they are just the most outspoken.

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