Climate Plan Goes Backwards on Waste Reduction

April 22, 2020

Kevin Richardson, Texas Campaign for the Environment

In its environmental plan released on Earth Day, Dallas touts a bold promise to become a “Zero Waste City.” Unfortunately, the plan does even less for reducing trash than what they promised seven years ago.

Dallas passed a Zero Waste Plan in 2013 with goals to reduce landfill waste by 60% in 2030 and 85% in 2040. Now, in the new Climate Plan the city has rolled back its goals to only 35% by 2030 and is crossing its fingers it can hit 45% by 2040. 

Apparently Dallas is good at reducing its target goals, not waste.

McCommas Bluff Landfill, where the city trash goes, takes in over two million tons of waste per year. The landfill sits across the street from Shingle Mountain, where enormous piles of toxic roofing shingles have gone unaddressed. If we don’t get serious about waste, our city will be creating mountains of trash in mostly poor and minority communities. Meanwhile, plastic waste is killing our oceans.

The city promised to begin working on food waste and recycling policies years ago that should have been implemented by now. Instead, the city is planning to make more plans.

What we need is action, and we need it now.

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